Best Boat Cruise in Melbourne

A boat cruise offers the perfect way to discover the treasures of Melbourne and view the city from a new perspective. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, our boat tours in Melbourne allow you to explore the beauty of Melbourne and witness its history unfold before you. If you are keen on embarking on a history tour of Melbourne, a river cruise offers the best option. Book one with us today to relax, unwind and know interesting facts about the city. Classic Steamboat Cruises provides you with the best riverboat cruises in Melbourne with the most luxurious hospitality and a variety of accommodation options. Explore new destinations every day by reaching out to us today. 

The Finest Boat Tour in Melbourne

If you are a travel enthusiast and looking to explore the city on your own terms, we have the best plans for you. At Classic Steamboat Cruises, we want to give you the flexibility to plan your cruise just the way you prefer and have amazing packages crafted for our guests. You can choose from any of the following packages based on your preferences: 

  • Full Cruise One Hour
  • Upstream Half-Hour Cruise
  • Down Stream Half-Hour Cruise
  • Wedding Boat Hire
  • Boat Party

WithClassic Steamboat Cruises’ riverboat cruise in Melbourne, you get to enjoy a wide range of on-shore activities. Enjoy the best food and relax as much as you want.

Our public cruises depart from Southgate while private charters depart from various locations along Melbourne’s waterways. We have two unique riverboats, including the historic MV Grower and our cruises are available for both personal and corporate events. Whether you want to plan a cruise with us for an event, wedding or birthday party, we have your needs covered.

Our riverboat cruise in Melbourne comprises world-class services and international-standard facilities. With Classic Steamboat Cruises, you enjoy several add-on services and benefits you won’t get anywhere else. Connect with us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest a plan that best works for you. 

Create Memories To Treasure Always

Our cruise is planned with you in mind, and you can be sure of fantastic facilities and services. Aboard our cruise, you will witness a friendly atmosphere, and ever-changing scenery to add a new dimension to the way you view Melbourne. A truly immersive experience awaits you, and every aspect of our cruise is curated to extend an experience par excellence.

With Classic Steamboat Cruises’ riverboat cruise in Melbourne, you get to enjoy the world’s best on-board restaurants, bars, spas and lounges. Get fitness facilities and online access to connect with the world on our comfortable cruises. 

If you love the water and are keen to add a unique experience to your travel stories, we encourage you to be a part of our cruise. We are experienced, and our attentive crew take utmost care to ensure that our guests get the highest possible service. We will make you feel comfortable and relaxed as your boat glides down the river. Book a cruise with us today to experience the ultimate in luxury and service.

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Classic Steamboat Cruises strives to provide you with the best riverboat cruise experience in Melbourne. Right from the moment you get in touch with us, we will assist you in planning the best experience. Whether you are a local or from abroad, you can count on us for crafting the best cruise package for you. Call us today to know more!          

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