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"Escape the busy city streets and let the unique perspective of our scenic river cruises captivate and inspire"

Classic Steamboat Cruises are available 7 days a week for private charters, including but not limited to riverfront event spaces, Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, birthday parties and wedding events.

Exciting Melbourne River Cruises

Want to explore the scenic views of Melbourne aboard a river cruise?

At Classic Steamboat Cruises, our goal is to craft unforgettable experiences for the most discerning travel enthusiasts. Our Yarra river cruise is planned to open before you the fabulous beauty of Melbourne from an entirely new perspective. From the moment you step into our luxurious cruise, a fascinating journey awaits you. The delights of Melbourne will truly enchant you, making your experience a truly memorable one. Book your tickets today!

Yarra River Cruise in Melbourne

Our mission is to make every cruise experience an extraordinary one and every aspect of the cruise is planned accordingly. We have different cruise packages to choose from, giving you the flexibility to explore the city on your own terms. You can select from any of the following cruise based on your preference and decide how you wish to spend the time ashore.

Our public cruises depart from Southgate while private charters depart from various locations along Melbourne’s waterways. To ensure that you are able to plan a journey with us just the way you want, we have extensive options for you. We have two unique riverboats, including the historic MV Grower and our cruises are available for both personal and corporate events. 

A Unique Experience Awaits You Aboard Our Cruise

We want to curate remarkable experiences for you and are here to elevate your experience to a new level of delight. Our packages are expertly created to offer our travellers the best to give you the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. Whether you want to plan a cruise with us for an event, wedding or birthday party, we have your needs covered. Connect with us, and we will be happy to understand your requirement and tailor a plan that best suits the needs of your event.

Why Choose Our Service?

Overwhelmed by the options that you have? 

Whether you are a local or from abroad, there are various reasons to choose our river cruise. 

  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Emphasis on safety and comfort of our guests
  • Various cruise options to choose from
  • Departure from different locations
  • Meandering cruises to give you the best glimpse of Melbourne

Book a Cruise With Us Today!

With the luxurious facilities available, we are here to make every experience and event even more special. You can make the most of our on-board facility while enjoying the fantastic views of Melbourne. Discover and enjoy the majestic beauty of Melbourne while you relax on-board. 

We are aware that preferences vary and will be happy to help you choose the best package. Get in touch with us today to discover the selection of cruise options we have for you. Call now!

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